SEM supports Team 11

Team11 Stadium

News broke today that the Team 11 Stadium plans have been unveiled.

The 15,000-seat soccer stadium is proposed to be built in the heart of Dandenong and would become home to the A-League’s 11th  team, and a Women’s League team.

The A-League has 10 Clubs and the proposed new team for South East Melbourne would be called Team11.

The proposed $170 million stadium would also host rugby games, concerts and festivals.

Team11 is a joint initiative of Greater Dandenong City Council, City of Casey and Cardinia Shire Council in partnership with the community of south-east Melbourne.

SEM supports the plans for a future stadium and an A-league team based in south east Melbourne.

Simon McKeon, Chair of SEM, said: “South East Melbourne is crying out for a professional sporting club to train and play in the region.”

“There are more than 1.2 million people living in South East Melbourne and families would love the opportunity to come together with the wider community to support a team they can identify strongly with and watch play at a purpose-built stadium.”

He said South East Melbourne provides a large, ready-made army of diverse, enthusiastic supporters who already love the world game in a region that has no professional sporting clubs.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Mr McKeon said. “The beautiful game would find a perfect home among a massive group of professional supporters at an easily accessible location next to Dandenong Train Station.”


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