Invest in roads in the south east

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Investing in the South East region's Major Roads Package

Why investing in roads in the south east is necessary:

With a large number of families moving to South East Melbourne every year, it is increasingly clear that investment in local roads hasn’t kept up with demand. Many roads in key industrial areas are inadequate, and new links aren’t being built fast enough to meet demand. It’s time for a major investment in key roads throughout South East Melbourne.

The State Government announced support for a south east roads package in the 2018 budget, but several vital roads were left out. Unless the remaining roads receive the required upgrades, there is a risk that congestion problems remain, leaving businesses and residents stuck in traffic.

SEM has identified three key roads in the region, by investing in these the Victorian Government can reduce congestion and improve transport reliability for hundreds of thousands of residents and local business.

Key Ask: Begin work on the following roads

SEM is calling on the Government to begin work on the following roads:

  • Thompsons Road, Clyde North (Extension from Clyde Road to Cardinia Road)
  • Westall Road, Clayton (Commit funding for extension to the Monash Freeway)
  • Glasscocks Road, Dandenong South (Early development of Glasscocks Road through CGD and into Casey)

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