Extend rail lines in the south east

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Extension of Cranbourne and Frankston Rail lines

Why the extension of the Cranbourne and Frankston rail lines is necessary:

The residential growth rate in South East Melbourne is among the fastest in Australia. With new homes being built well past the end of the rail network, a big proportion of south east residents live a long way from public transport.

Car dependency in these suburbs has become unsustainably high. In Langwarrin, more than 70% of households maintain two or more vehicles, significantly higher than the metropolitan Melbourne average of 55%. In Clyde, that number is 80%, with one in five households needing four or more vehicles.

Because residents are forced to drive, congestion is worsening — slowing productivity and reducing liveability. To solve these issues, rail transport must be improved.

Extending the Cranbourne and Frankston lines will reduce congestion and attract new residents and business to the region.

Why the Rowville rail line is necessary: 

To further bust congestion issues in the south east, a heavy rail line will need to be built to Rowville. Building a rail spur from Huntingdale Station on the Dandenong line to Rowville will ensure that the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster is serviced by adequate public transport options. The Monash cluster is a CBD style employment destination for the south east, with an excess of 75,000 workers currently commuting here daily. That figure is expected to double by 2050. Without a rail line servicing the cluster, congestion will only worsen.

Key asks: extend the Cranbourne and Frankston railway lines, commit to building a spur line from the Dandenong line to Rowville

SEM is calling on the Government to develop a business case for, and begin early works on, extensions of the Cranbourne and Frankston lines.

Extensions of the Frankston and Cranbourne lines can be delivered in stages, allowing for spending to be spread over several budgets and fitting into existing infrastructure investments.

As duplications, extensions and stabling could be delivered independently of each other, work can be completed gradually to ensure residents aren’t waiting for the project to begin.

SEM is also calling for a spur to be built from the Dandenong line to Rowville, which would also serve Monash University.

If you want to know how you can help SEM advocate for this project, please contact us on info@southeastmelbourne.org