Electrifying Industry Summit

Beyond Zero Emissions is hosting the Electrifying Industry Summit at the Australian Synchrotron on the 13th September.

The summit is a chance for manufacturers, policymakers and industry to come together to explore the opportunities in the coming decade for a revival of Australian manufacturing powered by renewable energy.

Beyond Zero Emissions will also be launching their latest report ‘Electrifying Industry’ which demonstrates how Australian manufacturing can not only survive but thrive in the next wave of the industrial revolution – the zero-carbon economy. It includes 10 ‘How to electrify’ case studies for developing many common industrial materials without fossil fuels, including pre-prepared meals, beer, milk powder, paper, aluminium casting, brick, glass, plastic, steel, & ammonia.

Registration is free. For details and bookings, visit https://www.electrifyingindustry.org.au/