Fee hike for operators

Shipping Freight

Transport operators that use the Port of Melbourne have been notified of a second fee rise in less than a year, according to Big Rigs 

SEM is concerned that the fee rises will lead to higher consumer and export costs.

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA), which represents the trucking industry, has called on the Essential Services Commission (ESC) to investigate the price rises.

SEM is calling on the State Government to fast track the construction of the South East Freight Hub , as part of the Port Rail Shuttle scheme, project that would cut about 23 per cent off the the freight cost of importing, and 25 per cent off the cost of exporting a container. The PRS  would help businesses compete and should lower prices for consumers.

Matthew Stevens wrote a comprehensive article in the Financial Review back in June on some of the issues surrounding Victoria’s freight industry, read it below:

Australian Financial Review reports on the effect of price inflation on Australian importers and exports

Australia’s leading daily business newspaper has reported that there is anger over the way Australia’s two most powerful stevedores are passing rising costs to the local container transport sector and that the process is set to continue.